Since Kang-ah has made the connection between Yi-Kyung and Ji-Hyun, I wonder how long it’d take him to remember that Ji-Hyun in Yi-Kyung’s body once told him that her fiance was cheating on her with her friend haha Minho is such a masochist!! She grows on you. It’ll be interesting to see how he helps her get the tears, now that we think he knows what’s up Linda April 21, at 5: Please enter your username or email address.

The Scheduler is busy training his replacement, which is just funny because this ajusshi in a suit is calling him sunbae. So HK-YK lovers, don’t give up just yet. Thanks for the recap! I think had it been Kang-ah, he would have mentioned it. Alvina May 13, at 9: Open Thread Open Thread by mary.

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Kang, Seo Woo and 11 Kyung are the three tears! If you are YY 2 could you please alter your name so we can distinguish between the two of koreann Moreover, most of the characters have grown but not hers.

April 20, at 9: I just love how this drama focuses on larger, more important issues Celexa April 21, at I was also thinking this that 49 days korean drama ep 11 eng sub may be siblings. In secret garden, you can apparently carry off an unconscious body without anyone being the wiser until you’re like 20 miles away. Thanks for the recap!

HK likes JH, but he’s more focused on helping her live. In-jung sends Min-ho away, and then Mom gets a good slap in. She takes down their picture and heads to the hospital.

I love your beige trenchcoat. She’s focused on her family and on her mission. Soo Enh May 13, at 1: YY I hate to burst your buble. How did Yi-kyung get In-jung’s phone number at all?

Aw, Kang is really cute the way he’s acting. Suou89 May 12, at 8: Kinda ruined the moment: He’s so kangmazingly cute and so kangdorable with those sad, pain-filled and huge huge eyes Seo-woo finds her like that, and muses that In-jung has lost everything. The difference is now JH has seen and experienced a loving Kang-ah, and if she gets the 3 tears, then they have a chance.

In-jung seizes this opportunity to suggest that they all go to Jinan together — the 49 days korean drama ep 11 eng sub of them and Seo-woo — which gives her an excuse to see Min-ho without blatantly tagging along unannounced. She going out of her nind thinking that she is going crazy and thats not nice.

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drwma I love this guy– Kang ahhhhh!!!!! And it make sense to me. I think he already figure out about fiance cheating matter.

She goes for a walk to take in the world one last time, and notices little things, like a rock in her path.

49 Days Episode 2

Can’t wait for next week, but don’t want it to eeeeeeeenddd!!!!! I don’t care whether it defiles logic or not. I posted that comment here. Kang has spent the entire night waiting outside, and watches as a tired Yi-kyung trudges inside — and then, some minutes dyas, re-emerges dressed prettily and with a spring in her step.

Oh, HK went to the States to try to convince his dad to invest in the Shin business. This episode was kinda boring compared to last week.