Melhor Atriz Coadjuvante” in Portuguese. Cops moved into the favela and installed a special unit to try and drive out drug traffickers. Retrieved 4 May But the actor promised Mierelles he would disappear into his role. Nachtergaele promised him that he would disappear into the role so completely that his stardom would not distract from the film and even moved to the real Cidade de Deus for 3 months to prepare for the role. It was shot in a neighbouring, less dangerous area.

He becomes a photographer and gets his pictures in the newspaper — and people come to understand that he is not just another criminal from the favela. It really happened and Meirelles kept it in. According to Meirelles, amateur actors were used for two reasons: After Rocket leaves his film with a friend who works at a newspaper office downtown, a female reporter publishes one of the prints, a major scoop since nobody is able to safely enter the City of God anymore. This is how the cast of non-actors came together and learned how to act in front of a camera. Meirelles cast him despite only wanting amateurs.

A chicken escapes and mlvie armed gang chases after it in a favela called the Cidade de Deus “City of God”. It was a kind, tight-knit community. British Independent Film Awards. Meirelles cast him despite only wanting amateurs. Phellipe Haagensen adult Michel de Souza child. O Estado de S.

Most of the actors for the movie were, in fact, residents of favelas such atory Vidigal and the Cidade de Deus itself. Many characters are known only by nicknames. The last shot of the movie, where the little boy named “Giant” loses his shoe and has to pick it up, was not bassd. In the s, the favela has been transformed into an urban jungle.

Zaluar was already angry at Lins for using real names in his book.

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The unknown is exciting but also terrifying. A ilton “Potato” is a rare thing: Kinetic, engaging and, at times, excruciating to watch, Move of God Cidade de Deus treads that finest of lines of being impossibly cool and yet flawlessly powerful in its message. Motion Picture Sound Editors. In one scene, Marreco slaps Dadinho, and Silva got so upset he threatened to walk off.

Oscars Oscars City of God news. Toronto International Film Festival. We weren’t allowed to read the script, though. Brazil portal Film portal.

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The film received worldwide critical acclaim and was nominated for four Academy Awards in By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After filming, the crew could not leave the cast to return to their old lives in the favelas.

This way, the inexperienced cast soon learned to move and act naturally. Meirelles was gutted because he wanted all the roles to be played by non-“name” actors. Topics City of City of god movie based on true story How we made. Loading comments… Trouble loading?

Retrieved February 16, — via Universo Truw. World cinema Drama films features. They made it look real. She had appeared in commercials as a child but hadn’t done much since. Retrieved February 16, He told me he was looking for someone who wasn’t famous, since he didn’t want the slum kids who would be acting in his film, a crime drama set in one of Rio de Janeiro’s favelasto feel intimidated.

Rocket returns to the City for city of god movie based on true story photographs, which brings the film back to its opening scene. We wanted to show what they do, but we did not want to be involved with them.

Melhor Trilha Sonora” in Portuguese.

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Several younger boys idolize the trio, and one, Li’l Dice Dadinhoconvinces them to hold up a motel and rob its occupants. Together, they decide to leave the City and the drug trade.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards. Peter Rainer of New York Magazine stated that while the film was “powerful”, it was also “rather numbing”. He also worked on music for Collateral pictured and Lord Of War. Retrieved 28 April It really happened and Meirelles kept it in. The murder rate fell from 36 out of everybzsedto five in That really got me noticed internationally.

Rocket has his first sexual experience with her. Yet he saw that his real name had not been used. The film was not without criticism. The tagline for the movie city of god movie based on true story in English: Firmino only went to the audition to keep a friend company.

The massacre is brought to the police’s attention, forcing the trio to split up: