It really shows she has range to play different characters. I actually like what they did to Baek-hee’s character. Both girls dance at the same time to the same song, performing their best pop diva moves while their classmates watch. This drama is good in that brainless fluff kind of way. Kinda reaaally digging DH Though what BH did at the end wasn’t a shining moment it’s the beginning steps of her turning into someone who will do anything to succeed. I think Suzy is a bad actor if you look at her objectively.

Taecyeon’s fans are reading her blog. Dara January 11, at 2: Jason finds Pil-sook sniffling alone in a back room, but instead of drawing attention to her source of embarrassment, he just leaves the uniform for her. I’m also watching this for Kim Soohyun and wish he had more scenes. Can somebody post up the link to video with the english subs thanks! The show’s like a fun relaxing teenage drama, you can predict what’s going to happen next but that doesnt stop you from anticipating it:

The acting, the cast, the plotline She argues with Oh-hyuk for taking him in, calling Jin-gook a gangster, fighter, and a pervert to boot.

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Ahn Kil Kang Supporting Cast. This is what we get for living in a shallow society. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Sam-dong drops Hye-mi off at the aub stop the next day, where he picks up the cell phone accessory she dropped.

I like dramw dance. I am so surprise i have no urge to watch ep 3 after anticipating it so much! JadeJoker January 13, at Kyung-jin agrees to let both girls try out, and for a moment, Baek-hee feels sorry toward Ah-jung, to whom everyone had agreed to give the solo.

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And whoa is he bad — warbling, out-of-tune, laughable. But Hye-mi shakes her off, unwilling to show weakness, which makes her words that much more cutting: If I had to choose it would be Suzy, I find her acting natural. I tried watching the first jigh episodes, but for some reason it didn’t draw me in yet I can’t stop drooling over Taecyeon capped pictures: Why did he hide it all along?

I just think Sam-dong is not up to Jing-gook’s level. Episodes by LollyPip. He tweeted asking about his acting and wanted his followers to give him critics – well, i dream high korean drama ep 3 eng sub know whether he’ll be able to read them all though, i bet thousand of fangirls tweet him everyday – and JB’s critic is something he can learn from.

I cant wait for her transformation; I adore IU. Suzy’s acting isn’t as bad as everyone’s making it out to be, but she sort of lacks expression, at least to me.

One is dogged by pride and prejudice Hye-mi, natchone is aimless and rebels Jin-gookand one is a rural kid with little music background. This is so they can at least continue their education in hopes of living normal lives, but students tended to drop out of school after being transferred here.

Dream High Episode 3

Page 1 Page 2 Next page. She needs to be able to still atone for her mistakes at the end – IF that happens. But really, for rdeam this drama is about Kim Soo-hyun and his Sam-dong character.

Both girls dance at the same time to the same song, performing their best pop diva moves while their classmates watch.

At Kirin, dance instructor Shi Kyung-jin who happens to be the daughter of dream high korean drama ep 3 eng sub krean director of the arts department, Shi Beom-soo informs her class of the upcoming ceremony for entering students. They had shown that he would be an odd, likeable character, but once Sam Dong started that awful singing, I loved him. So we know for sure Pil-Sook and Jason will be a couple but I’m still lost who the other pairings are. The relationship that he has with his mom is lovely.

That site has the fastest sub release. Good job to recappers! I’m interested to kprean it’ll go. Leslie January 11, at 8: You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

I actually watched it twice! Overall this drama series has surprised me it is much more emotionally affecting than I had expected! Oh-hyuk answers that Dream high korean drama ep 3 eng sub Jackson is one-of-a-kind, a 0. He offers her an earbud, and when she declines, he puts it in her ear anyway.

You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Really excited for tomorrow’s episode!! I just don’t think she really injects anything into her character. A little bit sadistic, but it’s just that much more fascinating than aliens dropping a new personality on BH. I’ve never thought Suzy’s acting was bad, but i just wish that her could be just a tad For some reason I’m not wanting to watch ep 3 at all.

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However, Sam-dong is insulted and refuses to go with her. I read at least one complaint about the line in episode 2, that she wasn’t kneeling; she was just looking at the guy’s nostrils.

He takes a step toward her, which sends his towel slipping to the ground and prompts both to scream in horror.

Ahn Seo Hyun Supporting Cast. I am more rooting for Eunjung and Samdong. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim: