Aw, he already makes a bad first impression! She takes note of his frivolous way of requesting a favor and asks for a redo. And so in one night, from a girl with nothing, she became a girl with everything. I find this scene overdone, in particular the laughing part. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. I like her even more now! Grandma joins her and suggests that she takes In Joo out to a party tonight, where top Korean chefs enjoy a night of delicious food and social gatherings.

Her worst fears came true, the real In Joo is back in town. Joon Young drags her dad to the operation room, and fake dad complains how she should treat him better since he saved her, clothed her, fed her, blah blah blah. I believe Do Yoon is the lead. Who else had a naughty thought? In Joo greets them with her best face and congratulates Joon Young on her participation in such a grand event. But what could they do? Then what about my son!? Poor, poor In Joo.

That shows he is quick in his thinking to take control of the situation when with her. Next day, she spends the whole morning making a cake, which I think is the same one that Doo Hee made. He is as he is. Should I help you? Mi So introduces the first cake, made by Doo Hee, called the five-colored rice cake.

No one can recognize you now.

The chemistry isnt that great either. I personally want JY to stay with Baek Sul because she seems to calm down a lot with the scheming. Sean Dulake Supporting Cast. Retrieved from ” https: In her own kitchen, In Joo prepares a nutritious and pretty lunch for her beloved father.

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Do Yoon tries again to pull Joon Young out but she refuses. Do Yoon looks up: But this gentle-speaking man gives me everything a kid could desire. While putting up the new clothes, Jae Ha places some dresses on Joon Young. But……like I said its getting hard to root for him! Joon Young is discussing with Baek Sul about the new dish when Grandma calls, asking where fesat is.

Faest walk home together and Joon Young takes the initiative to hold his hand. I actually think she does love him, not as much as her position in Arirang, but enough to feel hurt about his sudden change of heart quite literally.

Fuming, Baek Sul paces back-and-forth in her room, speechless that she got played by Haemil repeatedly. I can sympathise with her and would most likely feel that way too. Cut to Do Yoon. Cast – Feast of the Gods.

You really make my day!! Banquet of the Gods Supper of the Feast of the gods korean drama ep 13. I have this theory that comes to my mind.

Do Shik invites Joon Koream back for a one-day demonstration. Oh Joon Young, you failed your vision test, right? Become a confident chef and come back to me. After she left, he opens the gift box. Hooray for Love Feast of the Gods Dr. How was your face? This may just give Joon Young the push she needs to become a better chef in terms of skills.

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TV Feast of the Gods Episode Doo Hee watches over the fields of golden sauce feast of the gods korean drama ep 13 and sighs about her multiple failed attempts to make it. While Do Yoon tries teasingly to keep her head from tilting towards his direction, Jae Ha has to work to bring her head ON his shoulder?

In Joo wakes up from a nightmare — little In Joo runs in her gosd and demands that she gets out: Joon Young heads out and sees Do Yoon, who approaches his car and opens the door for her. Somtimes doo yoon is not behaving like himself towards joon young, because he is hiding his true identity. Park Jung Min Supporting Cast.

Uhm Hyo Sup Supporting Cast. I know you well! Dad scans the two fine fine guys sitting in front of him and interrogates them as feast of the gods korean drama ep 13 future son-in-laws.

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She will tell her parents about the breakup, so he should inform his grandmother as well. Okay, fine, Jae Ha throws the piece of paper outside the car window and Joon Young gets out to look for it.

I have urgent matters to speak with Joon Young. Frea brought up an interesting question in the comment for episode The real Joon Young is thinking of gift idea and feast of the gods korean drama ep 13 how grandma has similar taste to hers.