Of course, during the surgery scenes I’m just like ok, he’s shouting. Yoon Yoo Sun Supporting Cast. Uhm Hyun Kyung Supporting Cast. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! In Gyo Jin Cameo. But someone mentioned above that they don’t always. I really want Do-han to put aside his differences with Shi-on and help him succeed.

You will receive a link to create a new password via email. They’ve shown us shi-on can work under pressure, as evident with the kid in ep. He hangs up and smiles. I find the characters generally likable, I’m really rooting for the protagonists and the second leads as well prickly as they may be. Timbone August 13, at 2: He says he never tires of it, and Yoon-seo instructs him to get off the bus. What do they mean by “wait until he gets better” though..

Haha I meant Joo Wonnie xD. I don’t know if it’s a man culture thing or a real-man thing but perhaps the punching also establishes that Do Han, even as an ass, considers Shi On a likely equal even with the autism and all.

Si-on needs an aide at this point. I really love that he has already won over the male nurse or is he an orderly?

Its a very interesting one, and I think i’ll be looking forward to this every week. I will probably start watching this. She asks if zub toy scalpel was a gift from his first love. At that moment, Doctor Good doctor korean drama episode 2 eng sub charges into the staff room. Some are, but honestly? Seo Kang Joon Cameo. I like that she quickly takes to him doctkr becomes his semi-guardian.

Leap August 12, at 4: I totally agree with you!

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Good doctor korean drama episode 2 eng sub watching this drama now and the second Do Han hit Si On was the second I began full-on hating him. Ryu Deok Hwan Cameo. Do-han and Chae-kyung head out to goov hospital-themed bar, which turns out to be good doctor korean drama episode 2 eng sub Library.

I doubt very much that actual autism rates are rising or falling anywhere, US or otherwise. Korean dramas have a few other weird fake things going also – the physical thing, especially violent wrist grabbing – is one of my pet peeves. He knows she had a big crush on him, it appears he’s also interested in her to some extentexcept he’s engaged to the daughter of the Board. But someone mentioned above that they don’t always. The thing is, “the Sunbae Culture” is a huge problem in Dramaa and not just in the medical field.

I remember that I wanted to be a doctor when I was little and my mom even got me those doctor toys. She goes moony-eyed when she sees Shi-on. He angrily grabs Do-han by the coat, and accuses him of transferring his patient without his permission. Want to know what a real american hospital is probably like? Thank you for recapping this!

[The Good Doctor] Season 1 Episode 2 F.U.L.L ^Mount Rushmore ^ «Megavideo» – Video Dailymotion

Show is promising if only for the acting of the two leads so far. House is one of the most medically inaccurate shows ever. Then she gets called away, and instructs him to wait for her here.

Chun Ho Jin Supporting Cast. Still tearing up at the Hyung scene. I love Moon Chae-won and Joo-won together. This man is basically ggood aural savant to Si-on’s visual savant.

Mystisith shared this TED talk with me. I hope to see lots and lots of him! They KNOW the basic diagnosis and how it manifests.

Doctors Episode 2 English Sub

Haha you are so spot on, sometimes its like the male lead is about to rip the lady’s hand off the socket lol. Jung Yoon Suk Supporting Cast. I couldnt stand good doctor korean drama episode 2 eng sub 5 episodes of King of Baking due to the “fakeness” and double standard story A man has an affair and gets an angel, a woman has an affair and gives birth to a boy who killed his grandma at 10 I believe you guys say Makjang lol to something like that.

Sasare August 12, at 1: Meanwhile, the hepatopancreaticobiliary department chief, Dr. Log in with Email.

That answer surprises her, and she asks why. That I would like Joo Won is a given, since he’s so freaking adorable and I’ve only seen him in Ojakyo Brothers and Gaksital – dramas I was thoroughly addicted to. Doctors have been criticized in the past yood over-prescribing antibiotics, as that has led to super-strains of some bacteria. Four Men in danger of being shelved again.