The boys looked so good in those suits, for it second there it seemed like a different drama. Can you tell I’m a big fan? Even with his knee issue – they could have dragged that out for days, but once he feels there is a problem, he swiftly decides to go to the hospital and take care of it. Hell it happens to me in real life all the time. All this Korean writers business. I don’t have the energy to nitpick and police both. If we really went to debate this – guys saying she’s mine, that’s not acceptable, but worse!

I can’t put my finger on it…. Because this is a good example of what not to do. N huhuhuhuhu love them both.. When watching a show which the language spoken is not your native tongue a lot gets lost in translation, but each to their own if some want to make excuses for the character from their evaluation they also have the god given right to do so. NOT SJS necessarily but his character so don’t make it sound like it is something he would say himself Yo xiao Mar 19 5: The general understanding was, that it was romantic with mindblowing kisses. Stop making everything a gender issue.

This will be perfect casting if Hwang Jung Eum accepts!! I felt the same way about the wording. He has used the “Your body belongs to me” line before. Finally Ji-woong digs in, and even Joon-sung picks at it, though Joo-eun tells him to just fight in a higher weight division.

He might just be holding himself back because he’s new, but I do hope he opens up more as the season progresses. I am so glad that all of us are here until the end of the trip. It’s this kind of crap that perpetuates a culture of rape. I saw a comment before that said that the drama was boring, but I’m finding it really fast paced! This is not a feminist western attitude to say the line sucks and it shows disrespect even if that is not the sbu intention.

Pretty man korean drama ep 6 eng sub think he’s decisive.

BUT note – he didn’t know her, and he fell for her, like after a couple of days of meeting her and declared she was the love of his life or something!

I also love how he mentions to Henry that it’s a shame she lost her chubby cheeks because they were cute. Which as hot and sexy so ji sub is.

You’re Beautiful Episode 6 – 미남이시네요 – Watch Full Episodes Free – Korea – TV Shows – Rakuten Viki

Then I’m like “just dig your heels in woman! She can do screwball comedy like Lucille Ball and sometimes that causes for a little over the top antics, but she’s so versatile she can make you laugh, cry, heart flutter, and feel eny whole lot of other emotions because she’s so damn good!! Maybe shes not popular enough. I always read comments, but I rarely made one.

I felt like he kept pushing the button and she kept getting close to him – then blam scene change. That’s why people are so pretty man korean drama ep 6 eng sub up here. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

2017 Idol School Episode 6

Belle December 3, at Koreandramaonly May 31 9: I syb this scene beautiful. He seems so hard to read, and yet every thought is right there on his face once you know how to look. There’s probably a connection to be revealed later! I’m sure the writer didn’t mean it but still.

Why would you envy me?

The drama’s success factors were attributed to its elaborate screenplay, beautiful love story and the co-production between South Korea and China. Loved this episode again!

From the trailers it looks the same old, same old. The side stories look interesting too everybody is going through something relationship wise.

The Undateables

Mayo Jun 07 7: The second autoplay vid is the original. Because the context is being blown out of proportion and guess what, he’s been saying that since he started getting serious mzn her regime and she was OKAY with it. TG December 2, at 4: Yo xiao Mar 19 5: Woo Shik is actually a nice guy!