Cuteee 2 Sechan teach flustered with Jung ssem’s thank you 3 that scene where heung soo talks to nam soon at the class, part where they’re supposed to go to P. The retail price of a smartphone without a plan is usually dollars. Jung Yun Joo Supporting Cast. Which turn to groans when she announces mandatory study time, heh. It also makes sense that he recognized so quickly what Jungho might have been up to when the local thugs were hanging out during the essay contest. Only in extreme cases such as weapons on school property, drugs, or inappropriate behavior by a teacher have I ever seen local police become involved.

Most shows don’t deal the problem with their level of depth. Thanks for the recap! What will I do without Heung-soo? Because it hurts when Heung-soo hurts. Nari is one of those indifferent students who never seems to care about anything, but being told your shot at the future you wanted is not gonna happen is still a crushing blow, and she trudges back to class wanting to have a heart-to-heart with her best friend, Hye-sun. That’s the least thing that can be done for him.

Park Heung-soo will have to come along to the station with them. The truth is once you’ve been branded a troublemaker or a criminal, people will almost always see you as such and treat you accordingly. How did HS violate his probation?

I started thinking there’s gonna be something between these two during a confrontation in class that time when JH wasn’t attending class. I’m a lil’ confuse about Heungsoo on probation because it never really mention much Byul January 21, at 8: If it is him. I always wondered why HS lost a year.

School 2013 Episode 14

Or maybe the terms of his probation are to attend every class. I agree – very eloquently put. Kim Hyun-joong to make his drama comeback with fantasy romance.

When I asked for more Heungsoo and Namsoon last week, I didn’t mean more suffering. However, why did they not protect the privacy of Heung Soo?

Sorry for the long rant But excited for school 2013 ep 14 eng sub korean drama episode and extremely sad that this drama ends next week! Maybe he was on some sort of house arrest or had struck a deal to stay home, which worked because he was too depressed to go anywhere?

Back to the drama, my point is the way they schoool this was so poorly. My, my, Uhmforce, what a big stick you have! Maybe they should tell the truth, they suggest.

So Namsoon has more survivor’s guilt, so to speak, to take on. If you’re curious for his other dramas, here they are: Episodes by LollyPip.

She waves her aside and gets distracted. I’ve been edgy all day since I saw him dragged off in tears like he was. I want more of School!

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Schoool J January 22, at eo It’s probably a predisposition towards crime. I know right, Kim Woo-bin is brilliant, isn’t he? DeeDee January 21, at What will I do without Heung-soo? I also really enjoy reading your comments. E January 22, at 7: Rrama to see what comes next. In fact, one of my friends even found her calculator school 2013 ep 14 eng sub korean drama one store and had to buy it back.

Petty theft can escalate extremely fast and it’s better to nip it at its bud. THat’s a good point about Namsoon. Perhaps that’s also why he’s had to move about a bit. Please, make everything okay again tomorrow.

Heung Soo’s only escape from this life was soccer and that went down the tube when Nam Soon broke his leg at the joint. Oh, the fight with Jung-ho from ep 4?

Uhmforce totally plays his role with his title well. There is always a price to pay. It moves along at such a quick pace! Reckless as in maybe petty theft?

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The boys who know about the money all grimace in chagrin, and Nam-soon excuses himself for the bathroom to buy some strategy time with his co-conspirators. Thanks for the recap.

I love it when the make Namsoon, Heungsoo and Sechan walk down the hall in one frame. Remember, Heung-Soo was never really in the gang but hang around to keep Nam-Soon in check. What of it triggered his resignation?