I didn’t expect to like this drama that fast, but yeah, i really enjoy watching this k-drama But the BTS video showed that she was instructed to do this – so the awkwardness originally assigned to PSH turns out to be caused instead by the director. The dry k-drama kisses are silly looking but a lot of dramas post the bts videos so we can see how scripted they are. I’m still annoyed that Hye-jung was the one who gave way to Ji-hong. Something is wrong w ep But there needs to be open communication for their relationship to work and they need to share each other’s fears and burdens. It was simple and sexy at the same time.

Thanks for your appreciation! Don’t even get me started on that kiss! And it seems that no action is done, even after writing in for more than a month Try again 1 again, if you still do not see subtitles pls wait about 30 minutes to see server 1 with hardsub. After all the Kim Rae Won overwhelming positive and smiling, I am waiting for him to break. It was too cute. I mean Hye Sung is supposed to be the slow one, but she hops up on the machine facing him. Yass I have missed your Park Shin Hye!!!!!

It’s kinda serious and fast n fierce n awesome. Thanks a lot for an early upload, truly grateful of your effort! That’s why cable channels kisses are different. I used to follow this shitty drama cause of the storyline up to episode 4.

Thanks for the BTS link. I just loved how this episode focused more on the interaction and relationship of our OTP as well as their relationships with others i. It’s so unfair the great doctor korean drama ep 12 eng sub he has this weird attitude like Hye-jung is wrong and she needs to be love-rehabilitated. Goodness, never would I have imagined to call KRW adorable and cute in manly and sexy, oh yes but Doctors changes everything.

I hope JH will try to open up more to HJ. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below!

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I know I shall need boxes of tissue Report to us dramz you see wrong video, broken or subtitles out of sync! And hye jin drawing heart on hye jung’s hand. The great doctor korean drama ep 12 eng sub think Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won have similar facial features – from the shape of the nose and their small mouth and smiles. But the BTS video showed that she was instructed to do this – so the awkwardness originally assigned to PSH turns out to be caused instead by the director. Whats the name of the song they were listening?!

Yoon-do teases Seo-woo some more, trying to lighten her mood. Love Kdramas but i’m quite turned off with this one.

The Great Doctor Episode 12 – 신의 – Watch Full Episodes Free – Korea – TV Shows – Rakuten Viki

But I thought it goes well with the narrative in main poster for doctors which was written “meeting you, make me change to a good person” Irl, wouldn’t ppl do the same? Unfortunately, her call goes unanswered since his phone was left behind in his office. I don’t know didn’t they show that. I feel for the girl and I think the drama pulled it off but unless it was for ‘moral’ reasons putting a door frame in klrean middle of your heroines face while they’re kissing is blatantly admitting ‘you don’t want to see this bit’.

Anyway, the PD wasn’t using camera tricks Incomplete without dictor Doctors. And that last scene with hyejung giving backhug greaat ji hong. But, since the romance the great doctor korean drama ep 12 eng sub hit a peak, I’m assuming something bad will happen between HJ and JH within the next few episodes.

Doctors Episode 12 – 닥터스 – Watch Full Episodes Free – Korea – TV Shows – Rakuten Viki

Google Chrome with lastest version or Safari are recommended. Anyway, You are doing a reat job, Admin! Little Kprean cries while on a forest path, apologizing to his father. It actually focuses only on their face.

Doctors Episode 12

Nerves Gone Wild Team. XD Definitely better than the first time. I Hopefully in the future it will be better Adult Ji-hong places a hand on his shoulder, and hugs his younger self. Correct me if i am wrong.

Choose another server if you watch without sub. If it’s more than that, they have to raise the age to 19 or possibly get a warning.

I could watch them till yesterday. Lets see,what new reasons they come up with now to justify their hate. But i actually wanted the bg music playing then. OMG the krean of the episode!! If you happen to know way early, can you tell me, the great doctor korean drama ep 12 eng sub It was simple, but you could feel just how much these two love each other.

Can’t wait for the next episode! That was actually an unexpected reaction from kim rae won considering the kisses and rated scenes our senior actor has done. I sent a message to Chuutalk also, the admin 21 it’s not yet released.

Either the writer is running out of ideas and recycling lines, or she likes to poke fun at her own characters. Its mean i will wait till next week again I’ve waited for many other things but for some reason this feels like the longest wait of my life! Dammit, we’ve been robbed!

Excited for the nxt episode already Really hoping for it. Are they sure they will make it 20 ep?