Don’t get me wrong I love this couple but all the drama that would bring those characters to life was just not there for me. BSJ- although a little arrogant u have it all guy But then I kept reading these recaps, and then somehow I found myself waiting for the newest episodes to come out each week Unfortunately, its done at Hani’s expense. They could have done it much better. He is just so cute, even when he is harassing Oh Ha Ni. Thank you javabeans for your very fast recap! Will definitely be keeping up and commenting more!

Seung-jo just shrugs it off, asking if she was only prepared to exert this paltry amount of effort to pursue nursing. I know a lot of you like Mom, but I don’t like the fact that they came together because Mom pushed them kinda. Blame it on critics that got 4 eps cut. I guess the luster is off and I no longer really think this couple is adorable beyond belief. I love to see the smiling Seung jo.. Kim Hyun-joong to make his drama comeback with fantasy romance. I didn’t mind SeungJo calling her only sometimes cute.

Sorry, just airing my grievances. And I got so annoyed. Well good news for Duckie I guess.

Choi Won Hong Supporting Cast. Rnglish wish they didn’t rush all of the extra backstories like that I think they are patching and and yet leaving enough loose ends so that perhaps a second season of sorts can be arranged.

They kiss again started with honeymoon and there was a very long intimate first night together between ariel and joey at the balcony ended on bed.

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watch playful kiss episode 15 with english subtitles Everyone agrees and get mature. They married on wed. IF only there were at least 2 more extra episodes. He was not my choice for this role, but I’m giving him a thumbs up for sticking and doing his best despite the initial criticisms. Jung So Min Main Cast. Back to Taiwan Shuzu joey back to medical school and leave Ariel few days at home.

Yeah, there was something about that rain kiss I enjoyed this ep even though i knew what might happen which was being condensed.

Annony October 21, at 3: You will receive a link to create a new password via email. There is still so much more to go.

Playful Kiss Episode 15

To tell the truth they will release news episodes, using their official You tube account. On the eve of the wedding, Ju-ri eipsode Min-ah come over for a sleepover and present Ha-ni with pink lingerie for her honeymoon. JSM eppisode me continue watching this series. I like how SJ finally kind of explain why watch playful kiss episode 15 with english subtitles can’t resist Hani, it’s the chemistry. I watch playful kiss episode 15 with english subtitles the sinking feeling that BSJ was “villain-esque” and had a film noir ulterior motive ie: I dissapointing how everything seems so rush I can’t emotionally connect to all the stuff going on right now because there’s so much of it.

What have epieode done to me? Newbie October 22, at 1: Your email address will not be published. TT I assume I’ll see your side and final comments on ep 16 recap as well but still, thank you for providing this and sticking with PK despite your ambivalence about it.

Seung-jo pulls out his phone and makes a deal with her: Rival stars and unplanned lovelines.

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Since he pulled this marriage registration BS, Hani should also withhold his bedroom conjugal rights, no? Like when BSJ asked, “What have you done to me?

You can start to see the loose ends being episoode up, or rather, preparing to be tied up in the finale tomorrow. Jung So Min has That Look. And like you asked, what was all of that blocking done with SJ’s and HN’s intimate moment.

And since I really like all the secondary characters, I’m glad they’ll have happy endings, too, no matter how random or quick they are.

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What we’re watching by DB Staff. In the original story mangaSeung-jo was actually involved with a Caucasian girl for a while. I have no energy to finish this show. If you have watched the other version or the manga.

Read full recap on Dramabeans. It’s so true, the last episode had me groaning from all the boredom, and screaming at BSJ through my computer, but it did have its moments. I love the recap. And Hani’s always the one apologizing when it’s not even her fault, or saying stuff about how she’s watch playful kiss episode 15 with english subtitles to work to be a good wife even though she’s got a watch playful kiss episode 15 with english subtitles of faults And I agree about the hair.

They’re still new at it, immature, and trying to work it out together. Ace October 21, at 1: Off to Jeju go our married couple. I like this Chris better than Christine and even though she seems like a random character, I can’t fault them at all as they had to chop the story off by four episodes.

It’s just his teasing way of saying he does really like her.