It looks wrong for the time slot 8pm and the people who wear school uniforms are school-age characters, who don’t do that sort of thing. Gabriella attempts to be this in Series 10 but faces a lot of hostility from both staff and pupils. Series 4 ends with Ralph Mellor wrecking the front of the school hallway with an execuvator due to his viciousnes on poor Marley Kelly as well as a restraining order from his daughter Flick Mellor Series 7 Part 2 ends with Linda running Michael over. While she does have many redeeming moments , Karen Fisher is not the most approachable of headteachers, and she has a way of reprimanding and belittling staff while wearing a smile. Even the sightless but careless behavior, she can imply the Tough Love method by not questioning her authority at all. Though they do not get caught in the act or the aftermath. The second season finale, everything seems to be going right for the school and then a teacher gets stabbed to death right before the closing credits.

Some gig or something. He’s often violent and determined to ruin his father’s new relationship but starts a food bank at Waterloo Road after witnessing the deprivation of some areas of Greenock Intergenerational Friendship: The really amazing thing is that it works and gets him a job offer from WireData. After physically assualting Philip Ryan, and then blackmailing and bullying him into keeping quiet about it , he is found out and reported to the LEA. And more recently pop star Karen David as Francesca Montoya. This is emphasized in Sam’s final episode when she tells Lauren she would be fine if she and Finn got together after she died.

Waterloo Road Comprehensive School

Barry Barry is initially mocked for his name but it fades fairly quickly. This extends to the students as well. Even the most deplorable of characters, such as Max Tyler and Earl Kelly have these moments, a running theme which leads to numerous Crowning Moments waterloo road series 7 episode 8 part 2 Heartwarming. After Kevin admits to hacking Wire-Data and pulls off a successful Batman Gambit to avoid prosecution, the owner is incredibly impressed by his work and offers him a job.

In Series 10 when Leo attempts to replicate Kevin’s expert hacking of Wire-Data but leaves a digital footprint that gets traced back to the school. In other epjsode Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia.

Waterloo Road – Series 8 Episode 16 – Video Dailymotion

More common for character arcs rather than episodes Of particular note is that revolving cast which easily stretches to well over seventy principal cast members over the course of eight seasons. Despite this, she had lots of support from staff and students.

Averted with Nikki and Vix whose relationship is shown in a reasonable amount of detail. At the end of Series 10, Rhiannon and Darren successfully reunite two elderly people who were a couple in their youth but broke up thanks to Poor Communication Kills.

You can start to see why Lindsay murdered him. Dealing with your moods and your constant wwterloo neediness.

This being decades before mobile phones, they had no way to get in touch, both assumed they had been dumped, and moved on with their lives. There’s still Unresolved Sexual Tension though.

A lot of former characters return both for single episodes and for longer stints. Rachel gained full control of the school again. The Bus Came Back: Epjsode Mead to neglected pupil Jodie “Scout” Allen.

Lenny suspects that new graphics teacher Guy Braxton is having an affair with pupil Carrie Norton after he sees them hugging, and Vaughn sees a video of it.

The end of Season Seven saw the show move filming location and setting to Scotland where it remained based until the show was Cancelled after ten seasons. See Even Evil Has Standards. Averted with Imogen when is she injured in a fire caused by Connor. Because of her experience within the barracks, she doesn’t take troublemakers or stoners too lightly Eleanor Chaudry: Rose Kelly, post-straightening herself out.

Narrowly averted when Connor prepares afternoon tea for Imogen and greets her wearing nothing but an apron and a chef’s hat only for Kevin and Dynasty to walk in as well. Letting Her Hair Down: He then got appointed as the full time head. The Cast Show Off: Ripped from the Headlines: Gabriella attempts to be this in Series 10 but faces a lot of hostility from both staff and pupils.

He immediately clashed with Rachel with his radical opinions and views on how the school should be ran, but soon began a relationship with Kim. You Make Me Sic: He’s later diagnosed as Schizophrenic. Budgen gets sponges thrown at him for a fair to raise waterloo road series 7 episode 8 part 2 for Rwanda aid projects.

No Communities Were Harmed: Vaughn’s children Leo and Justin on their first day at Waterloo Road after going to live with him when their mother suffers a breakdown. Which results in the former’s death. By the time Nate leaves the show, they still have not kissed even once.