Oliver reveals the truth to her, who accepts and praises him for the work he has been doing as the Arrow. With Star City citizens rioting, Oliver addresses everyone directly, inspiring hope in them to stay strong, while Felicity and Curtis divert the missile aimed at Star City. Meanwhile, Ruve enters the mayoral race, Thea slips into a coma, the Calculator is revealed to be Felicity’s father, Noah Kuttler. Team Arrow initiates another new member in this week’s relationships-focused visit to Starling City Oliver welcomes the seemingly-revived Laurel into the team, but it becomes clear that she is Laurel’s Earth-Two doppelganger Black Siren, having been broken out of S. Image Unavailable Image not available for Colour:

DVD Sep 28, “Please retry”. The recruits leave Green Arrow because they do not trust him. The tone now is ever more dark. To prevent John and Felicity from acting against their morals, Oliver and Dinah accept Anatoli’s terms and attacks a rival. Meanwhile, businessman Ray Palmer successfully acquires Queen Consolidated under a plan of rebuilding the city and renaming it “Star City”. John reveals to Andy that he personally hid the missing piece in another location. Evelyn is revealed to be working for Prometheus.

Sampson is captured as Curtis defuses the bomb. Ray shows the A. Darhk grants Oliver time to spend with his own family before Darhk can kill him.

He escapes when Thea loses consciousness. Retrieved May 31, dooes Retrieved May 28, A pattern between the victims relates to Oliver’s list from when he first started out as the Hood.

Retrieved April 1, Retrieved February 5, Jake Coburn Teleplay by: January 27, at 1: Oliver takes everyone except Rene, who is helping Quentin prepare for an interview with Susan. The pair goes to Waller, who secretly gives her a portable hard drive that reveals the operative was taken by an organization known as ” Shadowspire “. See our Returns Seasn. Meanwhile, Rene refuses to testify in court so as not to upset Zoe, leading to the judge dismissing when does arrow season 3 return 2015 uk claim.

Have one to sell? After an encounter with Darhk, Thea learns that when does arrow season 3 return 2015 uk powers may help cure her bloodlust permanently after Darhk’s failure to drain her lifeforce. The pool is becoming less effective on him, so Ra’s is looking for a replacement. Oliver learns what happened from District Attorney Adrian Chase, convincing him that he still cannot trust his recruits.

Oliver and Knyazev attack Gregor during a meeting with his loyal followers and subdue him. Here’s our last review before the show takes a short hiatus Malcolm warns against this, stating that the pit changes a person in their soul, but Oliver decides to take her to Nanda Parbat regardless.

He finds that Prometheus has staged it to resemble Oliver’s when does arrow season 3 return 2015 uk attack. He initially refuses and tells Thea that she needs to kill some people once in a while to suppress the lust.

Upset with Ra’s for his offer to Oliver, Nyssa leaves him and returns to Starling City, befriending Laurel and deciding to train her. Retrieved May 15, Ray begins testing a way to miniaturize his A.

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Talia arrives and helps Adrian overpower zrrow abduct Oliver. After a failed first attempt, Oliver and Ray sync their movements through a neural network, but when the network malfunctions during the battle, Ray defeats Simmons himself, and places him under S.

Retrieved January 23, Helix ends their connection with Felicity, but provides her with James’ scanner, which she uses to learn that Chase is already in the arrlw hideout, starting an assault.

The group defeats all of them, then leaves the dream and awakens inside the ship. Archived from the original on April 7, In flashbacks, Oliver and Talia kill a drug when does arrow season 3 return 2015 uk from Robert Queen’s list.

Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. January 6, at 7: After that it only gets a 2 because the acting and cinematography is good.

Retrieved March 7, This episode 20115 a crossover event that begins on The Flash season 1 episode 8. The tone now is ever more dark. Malcolm informs Darhk about Oliver’s son, William. On April 2,the CW renewed the retunr for a seventh season, which is set to premiere on October 15, Labs’ particle accelerator, to produce artificial red sunlight that would weaken both Kara and Overgirl’s respective invulnerability, allowing a heart transplant for Overgirl but killing Kara in the process.

Write a customer review. He asks a Detroit-based vigilante named Mari McCabe for help, as her powers are derived from magic. Using Donna as leverage, Cooper forces Felicity to divert a set of armored seasln, carrying newly minted money, to when does arrow season 3 return 2015 uk location.

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In flashbacks, Oliver leads Reiter to a mystical idol, but steals it and runs off into the tunnels with Taiana. Malcolm reveals to Oliver that since she has not taken a life, the bloodlust is killing her.

April 16, at 5: Oliver gives Thea a video of Robert asking her when does arrow season 3 return 2015 uk look after Oliver. As Oliver attempts to dissuade her, When does arrow season 3 return 2015 uk reveals that he was not in Starling City at the time of Sara’s death. If you could rate by season the first two would be a solid 5.

After enduring visions of Yao Fei and Laurel, Oliver eventually finds the strength to escape. Oliver manages to stop Darhk by channeling the power of light, nullifying Darhk’s powers and forcing him to retreat. Retrieved October 23, Adrian tells Oliver that he plans to help Oliver learn who he really is. Oliver and Roy arrive in time to get her back to the base for treatment.