This page was last edited on 15 May , at Cast includes Tayo Adeniyi, […]. Retrieved from ” https: They say, the secret of success is the consistency to pursue acting roles vigorously; this has worked for this young man. Ofin Lafin Watch more Yoruba movies for free on http: This is yet another free movie for your viewing pleasure. You know the best part? What happens when a […].

Join us on facebook http: She meets what she perceives to be the man of her dreams but is unaware that he has a shady past that stands to affect the relationship. They were both separated from each other by armed robbers when they were babies. Finding another spouse is not the solution to marital issues. Maami – Wikipedia en. Odunlade Adekola Banji and Feyisara went through years of childlessness.

Money cannot buy happiness for our lives matrimonial happiness. Now full blown touts in the city and at the services of politicians. Ajo rwlease a story centred around a young lady who desires nothing but happiness and a great future but tends to forget that our destiny is like hand palm prints that can never be erased.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Silence is the best form of attack. OLOSHA 2 Latest Nollywood Blockbuster Staring Odunlade Adekola The movie conclusion of a crime story involving brother and sister, as well as how a bank manager utilised the opportunity of the bank robbery to made money for himself by declaring that m was stolen which is far higher than the proceed realised by ckmedy robbers and this infuriated them.

He fails to fulfil his love promises to Nimi after their marriage. Though success is not calculated by the number of awards won, this does not stop Odunlade Adekola from being the current best yoruba actor in Nigeria.

The film is Van Groeningen’s English-language debut. Ruth Adekola is the better half of this talented Yoruba actor and Glo ambassador. Related searches latest yoruba film in Black Panther film – Wikipedia en.

When Bode falls in love with Abike and brings her home for Adun to see, it is hatred for Adun at first sight. Adetutu faces yoruba comedy movies 2013 new release by odunlade adekola responsibilities. Odunlade Adekola Movies She quickly learns that she must fight to earn respect and become popular.

She is seen as a role model until she commits an unthinkable act that horrifies even those close to oddunlade. A movie that will keep you engrossed from beginning to the end as it showcases bu story of a young man who wanted to be rich at all cost not minding the repercussion of money rituals.

Both male and female children should be treated equally. Finest is making an offer that sends his friends agog. Bode and his little sister Adun are very close. They were both separated from each other by armed robbers when they odhnlade babies.

You need to see it. Lupita recently won Best actress in a supporting role at the Academy Awards for her character in 12 Years A Slave.

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One’s love could often be tempted by the movise and affluence in life, but true love should be able to stand any temptation, but if it doesn’t, the repercussion of such love is mlvies. You know the best part? Iwalewa is a story of a young lady who believes beauty is everything at the expense of good character and brain, she learned the reality the hard way. He changes quite alright but comes home early yoruba comedy movies 2013 new release by odunlade adekola Abimbola instead.

A Prophet suddenly runs mad during a church service. Retrieved from ” https: The event which was held at the Ibadan Civic Centre in Agodi on Sunday, March 30, had in attendance the best of the Yoruba movie moovies. Top 10 Romantic Nigerian Movies. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. Its Often said that enemies are outside but your detractor lives with you.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Sign Up Log In. A poverty stricken family consults a native doctor in a bid to escape the clutches of penury. An ambitious young man greedily marries for money over love, only for his choice relrase lead him into a web of misfortune.

This is another movie by Odunlade Ade. Tuesday, 213 10, The path to keeping her is beyond the eyes and Oriyomi is ready to go all the way. Many more captivating yoruba movies on www. Film by Korede Wealth. He now commands superpowers.

Originally scheduled for release inMute was released on Netflix on February 23, Nigerian singer, Solidstar, who recently signed an ambassadorial deal with the Nigerian Football Supporters Club, will sing the official Super Eagles theme song for the World Cup. Story of a powerful warrior betrayed by the king and decides to make the village ungovernable.

All efforts to give a lasting solution to this adekkla leads to an unforeseen event in the marriage. All he needs is three pure coconuts,Did he actually live a fulfilled life seeing the coconut? What does he do with it? This film-related list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. Finding another spouse is not the jew to marital issues.

His business performs exceptionally well but still he wants more, which leads him into a very shady alliance.